Sunday, June 13, 2010

Richard MacDonald

I have one more post left to tackle from our trip to Las Vegas (and then MANY more still to go on the trip to Japan) but I could not let the opportunity pass to introduce you to an amazing sculptor, one that I now consider to have best captured the human body since Rodin. I was so happy that Matt and Brekke saw his exhibit first and then mandating that I go to it- it was so worth it. Richard MacDonald worked with Cirque du Soleil to produce a series of sculptures of the artists- and these are truly breathtaking. One gallery was displayed outside the O theater and then he also has another gallery at the shops outside of the Aria. These photos are from the exhibit outside the O Theater of some of his large scale works, he also has smaller cast versions.

He does a magnificent job of showcasing the beauty and power of the human body. They had a video playing of his artistic process and he has the actual Cirque performers come to his studio where they literally demonstrate their feats of strength and ability right before his eyes and sculpting hands. They repeat the positions multiple times as MacDonald captures the essence of their movements from every angle. Like most Rodin sculptures, photographs do not do justice to these incredible works of art- they must be experienced in person. I ended up buying a small catalog of the exhibit because there were so many incredible pieces. You can view a few of the highlights on his website as well as some of his other works. He is definitely one of my new favorites.

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