Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jane's First Thanksgiving

It was so incredible that two days after her birth, we were able to bring her home on Thanksgiving day. This meant though that we did not have a very spectacular meal but at least it was out of the hospital :-) Auntie Sarah joined us as well and we dined on some pumpkin ravioli from Costco which was delicious but the wild mushroom risotto that we had gotten there was super disgusting. Definitely not the ideal type of Thanksgiving for Jane's first but definitely a funny adventure and one story that we will love to tell her about. We weren't even supposed to have her here yet so it was a very meaning filled day of gratitude to have her here.

This is the first photo of myself and Jane together- please excuse just how terrible I look

And I was able to do one handed eating even on day 1 because I just wanted to keep her near us. We promise that next year will be better food wise!


CS said...

I think we were reading each other's blogs at the exact same moment - I got notification of your comments on mine, just as I was about to comment here on how happy it makes me to see you wearing a BC sweatshirt!! :) You and Jane are so beautiful!!!

Danika said...

First of all, you do NOT look terrible! Secondly, be sure to take LOTS of pictures of you with your girl! Someday she will look back at them and want to know where her mama was. Even if you're in sweats. Even if you haven't showered. Even if you have no makeup on. Show her that you were THERE and you loved her!

Sorry, unsolicited advice. Are you getting sick of it yet?

Lianne Barr said...

You look pretty good, especially considering you just gave birth!!! What a sweet Thanksgiving, birth, story for Jane.