Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cynthia the Actress

While I was in San Diego several weekends ago, my mom, Sarah, and I drove up L.A. to see our other sister Cynthia perform in two plays. We were lucky that they were both on the same day- one a matinee and then an evening performance. Since she was little, Cynthia has always had a flair for the dramatic, and she also has a fabulous voice, and can dance, making her a true triple threat.

The first show was a children's theater production of Sleeping Beauty- not the Disney version- but they had 4 fairies including one named Sunbeam, the ditsy, airheaded cheerleader type yellow fairy. That was Cynthia and she did a fabulous job! She was so popular that after the show, she had a huge line of kids getting her autograph (Sunbeam with a little drawn sun) and a photo with her. So of course we couldn't miss out on this opportunity as well!

The evening performance was of the muscial "The Scarlet Pimpernell," the version that used to be on Broadway. The music for this is incredible, and for a local theater, we were super impressed by the production. Cynthia was one of the singing cast members and she had several very elaborate costume changes throughout. Just look at this costume!

It was a center theater and we were fortunate enough to have a place on the front row. I was impressed that Cynthia was able to keep her composure with us smiling and cheering for her the whole time. Don't we look so much alike. Supposedly we even have the same laugh, according to the theater owner who immediately pegged us as Cynthia's family.

Look- she even had her head shot and bio on display in the lobby!

I am so proud of my sister- she has worked so hard for this, and she literally is in her element.

It was her birthday in a week so we celebrated it early by having desserts at this INCREDIBLE bakery near the theater- Portos. I had thought that Mike's Pastry's in Boston was crowded, but this place was even worse. It was just INSANE. The building was twice as big as Mike's and was just completely packed with people. But, it was worth it. We went there for lunch and then later for dessert. I highly recommend their cream cheese rolls, the soup in a bread bowl, and any of the pastries. Our little actress particularly loves the strawberry layer cake.

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