Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Juicy Burger

Following my office hours yesterday, I was able to have lunch with two of my dear friends, Lianne and Adam, who are visiting for the week with their two adorable kids. I was lucky enough to live in here in the bay area with Adam and Lianne for a year before they moved to Florida and I am so happy that they have family who bring them back for visits :-) They introduce me to some good restaurants in the area and today it was Juicy Burger. The burger that I had was definitely juicy- and tasty! It is very hearty and you are able to put on your own fresh toppings. I also was so excited because they have CURLY FRIES!!! I love curly fries and it has been awhile since I had them. When you order a combo meal, ask to substitute for the regular fries and they give you a HUGE order of curly fries- enough that I was able to have plenty for myself and share with everyone else. Thanks for introducing me to another good place guys!!

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Lianne Barr said...

You know we loved visiting with you! I am so happy you live in a place that we do occasionally get to visit! Love you cher!