Sunday, March 21, 2010

SF Chocolate Salon 2010

We're back after a fun filled vacation to JAPAN. Much, much more on that to come as we took over 1,300 photos :-)

We arrived on Friday and have somewhat adjusted to the time differences (William has been better). On Saturday we went to the San Francisco Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason. I was so excited for this that I bought our tickets was back in January (and it also helped that there was a rockin discount for early purchases). This was our second year and it was still good, although we thought that there was a little too much of the sea salt going on. That seemed to be one of the major trends, along with vegan chocolates (not tasty in my book) as well as unique flavored chocolates like sage (gross) and lavender brownies (not good either).

I had a celebrity chef sighting- I saw Elizabeth Faulkner, owner of Citizen Cake who was on Top Chef Masters and a frequent Top Chef judge, walking around. I didn't go up and talk to her because I still haven't been to her restaurant yet and it would be lame to have met her without ever tasting her food. It was just fun to have a sighting :-)

Our favorites this year were some of last years favorites as well as some new finds. My overall favorite was the key lime truffle from William Dean Chocolates, which was so unbelievably good that I consumed it all before giving William a taste of it (I'm so sorry sweetheart!!) I also loved this Coconut-Pineapple Caramel with Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt from Posh Chocolate (truly so unique but so good) but I could do without a little less of the sea salt (too much just detracts from the taste). It is sad that neither of these companies are local (one is in Florida and the other Montana) but it is probably better that way so that I wouldn't become enthralled with more sweets :-) We also bought a bar of the "Divine" white chocolate with strawberries that we discovered last year. It was definitely taste bud overload for us- and we will bring a water bottle with us next time because having that much chocolate brings on an incredible thirst!


Natalie said...

Japan? It sounds like you guys do a lot of traveling! Thanks for all of your suggestions. Taylor and I went to Featherdale today and loved it. Isn't Australia an amazing place?

Natalie said...
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