Monday, July 12, 2010

Mormon Battalion Visitors Center and Old Town San Diego

So, this happened nearly two months ago . . . I'm definitely way behind on my blogging (and we haven't really even begun to tackle the Japan photos).

My youngest sister Sarah graduated with her masters degree in Education from San Diego State University on May 23rd. Our whole family (minus Spankie) was able to fly out for her graduation and we were able to take in some of the sites of San Diego that I had not been to- Old Town. We first went to the newly renovated Mormon Battalion Visitors Center which was extremely well done. They have incorporated a large amount of multi-media such as talking photographs, videos, and we were even allowed to be honorary members of the battalion!

Cynthia was able to "get her gun"

And William was completely outfitted for the trek

I think that he looks just like the soldier

We were all also able to pan for gold- William mastered the shake technique

While Cynthia and my mom had incredible eyes for finding the gold

Sarah managed to strike it rich-

just look at that huge piece she found!
They did an incredible job of bringing the experience of these faithful Saints to life.

We then walked around Old Town San Diego which has an "old time" charm to it :-) We decided that it wasn't worth the $10 per person to go inside this "haunted" house so I just took a photo of the outside (doesn't look that haunted to me)

The first location of Wells Fargo Bank

The courthouse where they have a metal cell out in the back that I would not want to be stuck in

I absolutely LOVED this church- definitely my favorite building in the area.

We ate dinner at Guadalajara's restaurant that evening and it was some of the BEST Mexican food I have had in a long time. The wait was painful (not to mention they forgot to buzz us when our table was ready) but the it was totally worth it for the food. Not too spicy, just tasty. I loved my chicken chimichanga enchilada style- it reminded me of the ones I would get at the Blue Iguana. William was kind enough to take a photo of the "original" Stults family while we were waiting outside

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Brekke said...

Matt and I happened upon a Mormon Battalion monument when we moved to Texas. And just as randomly I found a Coke cookbook in the parking lot. Lots of randomness.