Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Tchaikovsky: SF Ballet

This ballet featured all music by Tchaikovsky- there were 3 pieces. I absolutely LOVED the first one which was called "Themes and Variations" choreographed by the great Ballanchine. Apparently, the SF ballet does this piece every year because it is so fast paced and technically challenging. It was beautiful- I actually liked being so far back so that I could appreciate the precision of the ballet dancers in maintaining the intricate formations. I could have just saw this piece and it would have been worth it.

The 2nd piece was SO BORING. it was called "Winter's Song" and it was based upon Anton Chekov's "Three Sisters" but it went on for nearly an hour of just pairs coming out and doing the same dances with the couples splitting apart and running away and then coming back together. As we were leaving the theater, a couple in front of us were also complaining about it so it was good to hear that we weren't alone in our assessment.

The third piece was a new work done by the resident choreographer Helgi Tomasson and I have to say that it was definitely better than the 2nd piece but no where near as good as the first one. I actually really liked the music as it was a piece of Tchaikovsky that I had not heard before. It was much more modern and had an organic quality to it but it just wasn't up to that same standard of choreography from that first number.

One more ballet left for the season for us- Coppelia. Definitely looking forward to this one.

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