Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last week I went with my co-workers to the restaurant opened by the former Google chef for whom the "Charlie's Cafe" there is currently named after. His restaurant is in Palo Alto and is called Calafia. My co-worker loves it because they have a vast selection of vegetarian items- as well as some meat ones as well. I was curious to try one of their menu items which is macaroni and cheese with golden beets. I have never heard of that combo and would never have thought of to make that a pairing so I had to try it. The presentation was great with the little Le Cruset pot but I have to say that it was the most BLAND mac and cheese I have ever had- Kraft has more flavor. And my friend Ashley didn't like it either. The beets were ok but really didn't add any depth of flavor. I am happy to report that the curried butternut squash soup was good (not something to crave) but the dish that completely sold me that he is a good chef was, not to surprising, a dessert. This has to be the BEST banana split that I have EVER had. You wouldn't think to order it, but this one has one unique touch to it. The bananas are sliced in half, sugared, and bruleed. The crunchy caramelized top is GENIUS providing the best texture to creamy, high quality vanilla ice cream. I am a convert and very happily, our waiter told us that while some desserts are seasonal, this one is NOT- they can always make it. I think that I will definitely need to go back at least for that sundae. Good thing that William doesn't like bananas as it will be all mine :-)

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