Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas 2011

So, we definitely had a low key Christmas this year, as we didn't even have a Christmas tree in our apartment. We did have several nativities around and some decorations, but we will need to remedy the situation for next year to create a better ambiance of holiday magic.

But we did make sure that she was festively dressed with the cute bow made by my friend April
And both dad and mom made sure to wear festive colors for our photos with Jane
What a perfect day for Jane to make her debut at church for the special Christmas program and she seemed to enjoy it as we didn't even need to take her out of the chapel.

We then later spent time with both of our extended families via video chat online which was great because we missed spending the actual holiday with them, but that will be remedied next year for sure. We opened Jane's presents in front of the families so that they could take part in our pleasure and gratitude as she was not yet able to give a smile. She was super spoiled by all of her grandparents and aunties, but here are a few of the gifts.

This keepsake ornament gotten especially for Jane from the Stults family's favorite place- Disneyland- by Auntie Cynthia
And then the Little People Nativity from Auntie Sarah which we proudly displayed and can't wait for Jane to play with it next year
We send everyone greetings from our little elf that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
(Side note- given this photo, Nana and Grampy Stults now refer to her in conversation and emails as "Christmas Elf" so that is one of her new nicknames).

And we got the best Christmas gift in our stocking- little Jane. She barely fit inside even though she was only 1 month old!
Her bib is from Nana Stults and she still wears it as it still sums up her current sleeping situation- "No silent night with ME around!"

Merry Baby's First Christmas!

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