Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Kunz

Jane was so lucky to have more adoring visitors with Grandma and Grandpa Kunz who visited us before Christmas. I thought that I had more photos with them but it turns out that they are all on Grandma's camera :-)

Grandma with her first granddaughter and she is so great with her- Jane definitely missed having Grandma hold her all the time.

Jane with Grandpa

This shot is one of my favorites- look at how gingerly he is cradling her

We had a fabulous time with them- we celebrated Grandma's birthday at BJ's with some deep dish pizza and red velvet pizookie, went shopping at the Great Mall and WalMart for Christmas gifts, Grandpa helping us get tools at Home Depot for taking care of our yard and then starting us on the process of cleaning up the space, and taking them to Google.

This was not only their first visit to the campus but it was Jane's as well. I particularly love the name tag her daddy gave her.

We also took them to the store and the giant Android dessert icons, which are just so fun. Here are a few of the latest ones

I love that they got Android in the Holiday spirit with a wreath that lit up at night :-)

They were also super kind and watched Jane while we both went to sacrament meeting, seeing Sherlock Holmes 2, and while we went with our friends Ben and Beverly to the Global Winter Wonderland. And we were thrilled that Jane was good for them (at least that's what they told us! :-)

Jane definitely misses her grandparents but is happy that she gets to see and talk to them every week on Skype. We are looking forward to their visit again in February!

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