Friday, February 24, 2012

"She Survived"

We decided to have Jane's baby blessing on the Sunday of President's Day weekend so that way people could stay later since Monday was a holiday (and as chance would have it, William's birthday).

We were so touched to have my parents, both my sisters- Sarah and Cynthia, and William's parents here with us. We missed having Bekky, Corey, and Tyler as well as Chris and Karen and kids but we know that they were there in spirit.

Before the blessing, William and I were both nervous about how Jane would act. She does not like to sit still at all (unless she is looking at lights- like Glo worm or a TV) and even that is only for a few minutes- she really likes to be held looking out at the world and walked around. We got to church early and had a good seat and Jane was ok for a few minutes but then she was starting to melt down. I told William to go and stand at the back and then come forward when it was time and of course as he does this, the bishop says it is time for the blessing.

In his head, William told me that he was thinking "abort, abort mission" but we obviously couldn't do that so he just went forward with it. Jane was ok for the naming portion but the cried through the rest of the blessing. Our worst fears had come true. I was so proud of William for maintaining his composure and giving her a blessing although she cried the whole time. It was short, but beautiful and included a blessing of help for her parents, which we need.

The funny thing is is that the second they were done and William started moving and turned her around to face the crowd, she immediately stops crying and smiles because she knew she was done. The same thing happened on Friday morning when I had to take her for a hearing test (SIDE STORY- she passed her first one but being a NICU baby, Kaiser does followups for the first 3 years. She was supposed to be asleep and she was but of course, as soon as the car stops, she wakes up. Fortunately, it was ok for her to be awake but she had to hold still. One hour later we were FINALLY done as she passed the test again only after crying and squirming for most of that time. Literally, the second the test is over, she is completely fine and smiling- no evidence of turmoil. That girl DEFINITELY knows what's going on and what she likes/does not like).

Following the blessing, our bishop got up and said "she survived" into the microphone :-). Her parents just barely survived as well :-) My sister Sarah then leaned over to me and said that it was so rude that someone did not take their screaming child out while the blessing was going on and I replied that it was my daughter :-) So at least Jane's cries were not loud enough to completely overwhelm William's words.

Jane looked "stunning" (according to Grampy) in her blessing dress which Nana picked out for her, her flower headband, and the special bracelet that my friend April made for her. The white blanket is particularly special as it was made by my Grandmother Child before she passed away a few years ago- my mom was kind enough to piece it together for her. She really did look like a little princess- or an "Elf Princess" according to Grampy :-)

This is my favorite photo of her- what a little angel!
Her famous open mouth smile
It really meant the world to me that I have the most incredible husband who was able to do this for our daughter. Isn't he so handsome- I still can't believe that he chose me to be with him forever. I'm such a lucky woman.
Me with my baby girl
Our first family photos :-)
With Grandma and Grandpa Kunz
The Stults Family
Being held by Nana
She already has Grampy wrapped around her little finger
Finally getting some Auntie Cynthia time!!!
Auntie Sarah
It really was a special day for us and we are so grateful to all of those who traveled to be with us and for those who wanted to be there but couldn't.


Lauren said...

Three things:

Nicole totally screamed her way through her baby blessing. It was awful. I'm glad you all survived!

I love Jane's gorgeous flower! What a beautiful baby.

You are looking so great! I love your hair that length.

Alecia said...

She looked adorable! And we know all about crying through blessings!

CS said...

what a beautiful family you are! someday i'm sure Jane will get plenty of teasing for being so irreverent during her own baby blessing. ;) and Cher you look amazing!