Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swaddle Time

We did not swaddle Jane for the first few weeks after she was born because she would cry every time we did it so we figured that she really just did not like it. Google sent us a care package of a $500 gift card for take-out/diapers/house cleaning, what to expect during the first year book, and the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. What a life changing gift

If I would have read his book, I would have said that swaddling is fine for many kids, but that my kid is one of the exceptions who dislike it and I would not have tried it. But, the DVD showed me that he is a baby whisperer and that while the babies initially cried when first swaddled, they eventually calmed down when paired with swaying or sucking of a pacifier. As he did this with 10 babies, I figured that we at least needed to give it another try- and IT WORKED! This was the first time after watching the movie that we tried it and it was amazing to see the evolution of her falling asleep.
At first, eying us warily
Eyes are getting sleepy
Eyes fully closed
Completely passed out
Our being able to swaddle her was life changing for me because before this time, I had to hold her in order for her to sleep for 2-3 hours, which meant that I was sleeping on the couch and not getting quality sleep.

She has been sleeping much better with her Swaddle Me and is now up to 4-5 hours a night at her longest stretch. She still cries and fiercely struggles to not have her arms straight jacketed but she does calm down just after having it. She even somewhat has a smile in the following photo
Our little baby burrito or her "straight jacket" as called by daddy. We also think that she kind of looks like her Glo worm.
When she starts getting super fussy at night, it means that she- and her parents- are ready for swaddle time and we are thrilled it works!!

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Alecia said...

SO glad it started working for you!