Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun, Friends, and Fisherman's Wharf

My friend Megan whom I met back in Boston through my friend Jamie, came to SF for the weekend and William and I were thrilled to be able to meet her up in the city. Megan truly has such an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor so it truly was one of the weekends in which we never stopped laughing. The only people who were "crabby" was the seafood

We spent the day walking up and down and up and down the wharf. And we did walk out over this pier- we think it is so dangerous due to all of the seagull droppings.
And here is one of the many gulls perched on one foot
However, it give such great views of the golden gate
Aw- the two redheads- and don't you love her new Marc Jacobs sunglasses! (Mine are just cheap ones but they do the job)
Little did we know (well, Megan knew) that the festival of sails was going on at the wharf. For this festival, they had team pairs make their own boats to race. Here were the two groups that actually completed the boats. The far one in blue is made out of cloth that they water proofed while the other is just wood.

And, they're off! And as you can see, the cloth boat sunk when they both got in. The wood boat had to do one at a time to support its weight, but at least it floated. It was truly so hilarious to watch this as the cloth boat people basically swam while dragging it in an attempt to win
After lots of walking, it was perfect to refuel at Boudin for some clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls. Megan is hilarious because she asked for it "to go" which meant that they kept the chowder and bread separate so that it wouldn't get soggy but when we finally ate it, she just kept her chowder in a little cup and left the bread bowl for later- it just looked so funny
We went to their pier where we were fortunate that we just had flip flops on or else we might not have been allowed to enter
William and I have been loving landscape photography lately from Peter Lik to a new find, Rodney Lough Jr. A BYU grad, he takes beautiful photos in an old school style- this is the actual camera that he uses
Can you even imagine hauling that thing around- it reminded me so much of Ansel Adams. Now, just to have the money to purchase some of these ones . . .

Sadly, the sealions at Pier 39 were pretty silent and basically beached
So, we headed to where the real action is . . . Ghiradelli Square!!! And of course we each got our own sundae's
And here's all that was left
As the sun went down, besides appreciating the gorgeous skyline and colors
we met up with Megan's friend, and now our friend Riley (whom we sadly got no photos of) where more laughter and walking around ensued. Riley totally scared us by ridding right up to us on his longboard while it was dark. We all had a fun time watching all of the unique street performers. The spray paint picture artists are all the same- they put on this techno music while they do their art and then ask for "donations" to purchase the prints. However, our favorite performer this time was the fire guy. Yup, he played with fire just like the guys in Hawaii (which is supposedly where he learned). He was a lot of talk and prep but was definitely worth the wait
Megan and Riley are both from Canada and so they met up with another one of their friends whose place they were staying at. She only stayed for a few minutes since she has a little toddler, but we later saw her while walking by McDonalds as she flags us down by just yelling out "My husband needed a Big Mac". It was so unexpected that we could not stop laughing about it. We then spent like an hour and a half talking and laughing at Mickey D's (and we did make some purchases). Megs, you are always welcome here in the bay area, especially since you work for the airlines and fly for free :-)

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Brekke said...

I'll have to look up those photographers. Little known fact: I'm inheriting a camera that looks a lot like that, someday. They are a lot of work to use, but create beautiful images.