Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kids in a Candy Store

That's how I would describe our taking the Elders in our ward to dinner at Google. They truly LOVED every moment of it. I also learned something new- there actually is a "Google Road"- I thought William was making it up but there is an actual street sign for it, just goes to show me that I should always believe the Googler. William insisted that we take them on pasta night- Wednesday- because that is our favorite night. They custom make your OWN individual pasta with all the toppings you could want (I usually get baby shrimp and bacon) and then a choice of sauce (I usually get alfredo). They also loved the little baby ben and jerry's ice cream cups (they had two). And they kept getting blown away as we took them around the campus.

Elder Christensen was in pure hea-ven with the massage chair- see the little drool coming out :-)
Elder Potter couldn't believe the snack center that you can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
And William enjoying some of his favorite wafers while casually lounging on the video game console (its quite the life isn't it)
Yeah, Google truly is an amazing place to work, but the real reason they have all these incentives is to make you want to stay at work all the time. And here are some of the real "workers"- the Google servers. Here is a sample display of one- just look at all the wires- that's a lot to try to test if something goes wrong
We were truly so happy to take them here because they have been such amazing Elders who truly have worked exceptionally hard and contributed so much to our ward. We will be missing them in a few weeks when they go home but excited for their lives ahead

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Cute Andersons said...

Hey Cheryl! Happy Birthday in 2 days!!! 28-Wow, we're old! It sounds like you're having a great time in California. If you ever want a Montana vacation-you just give me a call!The GooGoo onesie is hillarious. Reading your blog made me miss you. Love you lots-