Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CSI: The Experience

I am a big fan of the CSI shows and so when I saw that there was a special "CSI experience" at the MGM Grand, I knew that I had to try it.
Here I am about to enter with my "thinking face" (and I have NO IDEA what that white spot is on my pants)
Basically, you become an investigator for one of three cases. We chose the one with the waitress found in the back of an alley. They give you a form where you draw the crime scene and then it asks you questions that you then answer at several different lab stations. One station had you match fingerprints, another matched genetics, another tire tracks, an autopsy station, etc.

They even had a replica of Grissom's office
The main problem that we had was that the questions were very "leading", so much so that you could guess where the case was going. We had wanted to literally be CSI's and do some of the hard stuff, so that disappointed us. BUT, the worst part was that it was NOT worth the price- $30 for one case!! Maybe if we could have done EACH of the three cases then it would have been better or if it was like $15 max we might have had a better feel. Don't waste your time with this "experience"- you learn more watching the shows.

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