Friday, November 13, 2009


This is the LAST post about Halloween :-) But isn't it kind of appropriate that I am posting it on Friday the 13th? :-)On the actual day of Halloween, we went to the temple and then also saw the special exhibit at the Oakland Temple visitor center. Its entitled "California's Pioneer Heritage: Saints, Soldiers, and Settlers." They have a one hour video detailing the experiences of the Saints who crossed half-way around the world in the ship Brooklyn to arrive in San Francisco. Growing up in Utah, I have heard many pioneer stories- some including my own ancestors- about how they crossed the plains in covered wagons and handcarts as well as the hardships that they endured. I now feel that there is an important group of these pioneers who also need to be recognized: those on the ship Brooklyn. They were on the ship for 6 months. They experienced major trials as well such as motion sickness, rancid water and food, extremely rough waters, calm waters with no wind (just as dangerous in sweltering heat), and deaths of loved ones. The exhibit also had informative plaques and artifacts from the time period as well as some living history actors. These are individuals who know all about the history of these pioneers and dress in period costume and teach about life in that period. We found out that it is a calling- I think that would be such a great, fun calling. They also travel around the state at different history events.

William then indulged me as I drove around this neighborhood in Los Altos where they do extreme decorations- particularly this one house. They really go all out with lots of balloon creatures like this spider on top of the skull, a cat with a moving head, a horseless carriage, a giant tarantula on the roof,

and hanging ghost lights- I absolutely LOVE these!!! So adorable

We were gone all night so we don't know if any trick or treaters came to our house. But don't worry- we stocked up on the candy sales after Halloween :-)

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The Richardsons said...

I love the skull! I've never seen that one before, it's definately a keeper!