Sunday, November 8, 2009

La Reve

My sister Cynthia and I decided that we would also see La Reve at the Wynn. Neither of us had known anyone who had seen the show but it was created by Dragone who did the Celine Las Vegas show (which was AMAZING) and so we decided to give it a chance. AND IT WAS AMAZING!! The theater is smaller than any of the Cirque shows so it provides a much more intimate atmosphere. I also loved that it was a theater in the round so that every seat was a good one.

The show was much more dancing based than any of the Cirques yet they still had some incredible feats of strength (like one guy supporting another guy upsidedown on his shoulders, neither of them holding on and walking around), acrobatics, and trapeze. The show had a stage that moved up and down in the water and so the dancers and synchronized swimmers would go under the water to enter and exit the staging arena. And how could I not think that the show is incredible with great decorations like this! This was for the finale (thus the only reason I could take photos since it was after the show) and it was just as beautiful as it looks from the photo.

I loved this show- the ballroom dancing was incredible, as well as the staging, lighting, and just the overall performance. My sister Cynthia went so far as to say that this is the BEST show she has seen in Vegas. I would say that it is definitely one of my favorites. One of my favorite things about Vegas is all of the great shows that you get to see.

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