Monday, May 10, 2010

City Center Las Vegas

We spent two weekends ago having "a little more conversation" with my dear friends Matt and Brekke. They are such easy going traveling companions and are so much fun!! We LOVED the new City Center at Las Vegas. We stayed at the Monte Carlo which was right next to it so we spent much of our time wandering around, admiring the unique architecture and statues. Several hotels and shopping centers are in this area- the Aria, Vdara, Mandarin Oriental, and yet another high end shopping center.

The view from Matt and Brekke's deluxe room

Aria hotel

They have these amazing water falls outside the hotel

The lobby had this intricately tiled floor

William, with his curious nature, was able to stumble upon this unique area of the hotel which had these floor triangle sculptures which had a surprising cacti gardens in the center.

I also liked this wall right next to it- I have no idea what the circular objects are

But by far, my favorite part was these metal sculptures- they are so fluid and mesmerizing. I have no idea how they made them- but so impressive. People kept touching them to see if they were hollow or not (I didn't so I have no idea)

The Vdara had these two modern sculptures outside of it

I loved the high end shopping center- Crystals.

William in particular really disliked the yellow panels on the building behind the stores.

Inside, they had so many unique architectural features using many different media. Wood

Lighted steps

Lighted sculptures

But the best part were these lighted water tornadoes. They kept starting and stopping them, raising and lowering the level of water. Totally fascinating and captivating-

I loved how all of the light colors were captured in the curves of the tornado. We so enjoyed this new area, especially because of all of these unique architectural elements.

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The Richardsons said...

Wow, in all the times I have been to Vegas, I have never seen any of this stuff! I have to practice keeping my eyes open from now on!