Thursday, May 13, 2010

Go Kart Racing

We went go kart racing while in Las Vegas at the Pole Position Raceway just a few blocks off the strip. It was my first time go kart racing and I'm not sure that I will be going for awhile. In the instructional video, they told us that if anyone forced us off the track, we would both not be allowed to finish the race. I was 2nd to last and I had been bumped several times throughout my first lap. Before I could even cross the finish line for my first of 12 laps, I was hit from behind so hard that I went underneath the plastic barriers. I had seen other people run into the side on earlier races but no one had gone underneath, showing that I had been hit super hard in order to have enough velocity to get underneath. They had to come and extract me and my right upper arm was scraped and badly bruised. They took me out and the guy who hit me and I was initially upset because I thought that I would have just wasted our money but they let me run on the next race. So I wasn't able to race with William, Matt and Brekke. The guy who hit me was really mad at me- while I was on my race, he kept pointing me out to his friends. Needless to say, I didn't go very fast on my 2nd run but at least I was only bumped slightly close to the end. I guess I was just in the super competitive heat. I came in 2nd to last- I was just happy I wasn't last. I still have a small part of the bruise left, but it is almost gone. Not quite the ride I had anticipated but at least I went back on the track. I'm just not sure now when I will do it again . . .

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