Monday, January 31, 2011

Magnolia Bakery

On my way to the theater district, I decided to pick a few things up from the famous Magnolia Bakery. I have heard mixed reviews about the bakery, but two of my co-workers raved about it so I decided that I at least had to try it. My sister also recommended to me the banana pudding and it was incredible! It is like a trifle of a light banana whipped cream mousse, fresh banana slices, and cake pieces. I got their smallest container and me, even being the sweet tooth that I am, I had to eat it in two servings throughout the night. It was REALLY good though. I am lucky that I tried a sample of their red velvet cupcakes in the store because they were GROSS. The cake was dry and the frosting was too airy but I knew that I still had to try a cupcake so I had one of their daily specials- pumpkin with maple cream cheese. Due to the intense richness of the banana pudding, I had to eat the cupcake for breakfast and it was still DELICIOUS. The cake was moist with the perfect amount of cream cheese frosting. I was given one of their bags for my purchase as seen on the right, and I felt like a New Yorker (or at least a tourist in NYC :-) I had the bag with me at the theater and one of the usher's stopped me to tell me to rave about the bakery and how she had one of their cupcakes the other day. At least for me, the bakery did live up to the hype with my purchases, although Sprinkles still has my cupcake heart :-)

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