Sunday, January 9, 2011

Primary Release

Today I was released as a primary teacher. I have mixed feelings about it- I absolutely LOVED the class that I taught during 2010. They were pretty much my dream class. All of the kids truly cared about learning the gospel- they participated in class and remembered the lessons that I talked about. I did a Jeopardy game for our last lesson of the year (at least with me) and they answered every single question that I asked. I even asked some more obscure ones (worth 500 pts). Even my sister Sarah was impressed when she taught them and how they already knew parts of the story of Jonah and the whale before she had taught them. I was especially sad to see these kids go but they have a great teacher now. One of the girls from my class- Kennan- is moving to Utah. They had a goodbye party for her tonight and it was so fun to be able to see her and talk with her one last time. It was also great to be able to talk with her mother and tell her what a wonderful and amazing daughter she has raised. Her mother told me that Kennan would sometimes offer to do the lessons from our class for family home evening- seriously, what an incredible girl. I feel that I could say the same for all of the kids in my class.

At the same time, I was actually quite relieved to get released because the class that I would have this year is quite difficult. I had them come to my class a couple of times and it was extremely tough- even when I had William with me. I couldn't imagine how I would handle them when it was just myself this year. Maren, give my regards to Ryan and let him know that he is my hero for having that class. It was nice to be able to go to Sunday School and Relief Society after not going for nearly 2 years, but I miss the kids already. At least I am able to still talk with them at church :-)


CS said...

Cher! You look so beautiful- what a great suit. Sounds like your gift for teaching has been put to good use this year- both professionally and at church. Lucky kids to have a brilliant and nice PhD teaching them. ;)

Debbie said...

I am currently serving in the Primary presidency . . . and I gotta say that Church has never gone by so quickly. :) That being said, you shouldn't have been teaching alone . . . neither should the person who has taken over your calling. Church policy is that there are ALWAYS two teachers in a classroom. They must be either 1) the same gender 2) married or 3) from the same family (like a father and a daughter). Only under extreme and unique circumstances should a teacher be left alone with a class, and even then, a member of the presidency should check in every few minutes. Random point of fact. :) But I am very glad you loved your calling. We have been trying for six months to get people to accept callings in the Primary. You should move to Murray. We could use you. :)