Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Christmases

Yeah, it is pretty sad that it is February 1st and I am still doing photos from Christmas!! I like to think that it is only because we had such a great time that we wanted to spread out all of the wonderful memories we made.

We were lucky to have TWO Christmases- I actually really liked having two separate days of Christmas. It made the holiday even more magical.

Christmas Eve- the whole day was spent with the Kunz family. We were truly so spoiled by Santa-

And the stockings

Mmmm- just look at all of the yummy treats inside of our stockings.

And check out these super cool candy Legos in William's stocking! It was fun to be able to put together some creations and then snack on them.

Brother Corey got a super sweet gift from his wife- a BYU helmet signed by the current football players!

Charlie was a pro at opening his presents without help

William and I were spoiled with lots of great gifts including video games- Super Mario Wii was my personal favorite addition (btw- it makes for some crazy games when you play with 4 people at a time!), baking supplies, cds, handsoaps, makeup (for me :-) But of course the highlights of the day was the gift exchange between William and Chris as earlier chronicled.

We had an amazing Christmas dinner with turkey and all the fixings and then went out and saw Christmas lights. This was the most impressive house of the ones that we saw.

On Christmas morning, we went and saw Sherlock Holmes and then headed over to my parents house to have our second Christmas. Since my dad has to go into work on Christmas morning, we open up our presents in the afternoon. William loved his Chik-fil-a gift card and we went 3 times during our 2 week stay (did you know that some of the ones do breakfast- it is SUPER good and we are sad that the nearest one to us in Cali is an hour and a half away) and I loved the framing I got on this painting. My mom knows how much I love Van Gogh and so she bought this replica for me several years ago for my birthday and got it framed for me. It really enhances the overall look of the painting.

Here's the happy family- my Dad was so excited by his book that he immediately started reading.

We truly felt so spoiled and loved by both families. But the best gifts we received from them was being able to spend quality time with ALL of our families. We truly have THE BEST families in the world.

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