Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Sugar Cookies

I used to be really into cake decorating in high school and college. I took even took a course at our local craft store. But when I went to Boston for school, I didn't take my cake decorating stuff because I didn't have as much time (nor space) to have it. I only brought my tools back this Christmas. So I wanted to try a recipe where I could use my pastry bags and tips, along with some of the decorator squeeze bottles I got. I chose to do sugar cookies with royal icing. I was very inspired to try this due to all of the beautifully decorated cookies I saw on this blog- Confections of a Bakeaholic. She uses these recipes for the cookies and icing. Too cute. I have never used royal icing before (I'm more of a buttercream gal) so I think I did an ok job for my first time. I have definitely lost my stability with the pastry bag, as you can see with my jagged edges along the sides, so I need MUCH more practice as I am super super rusty.

I gave some to my primary kids and to some friends- I really liked the thicker ones that I did. The cookie held up really nicely and was soft but not crumbly.


Lianne Barr said...

Really cute Cher! I bet that was fun.

Rach said...

We are more than happy to be the "guinea pigs" to try your next baking experiment! They look absolutely scrumptious!

The Richardsons said...

I didn't know you did cake decorating in high school! Too bad I didn't cause I totally would have taken that class with you!