Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's 2010

I actually really liked having Valentine's Day on a Sunday because I felt that we spent both Saturday and Sunday celebrating. William picked a Hellenic restaurant called Dio Deka in Los Gatos. He has actually never been to Los Gatos before and it immediately became one of our favorite towns in the area. It is so quaint and charming- too bad that real estate prices is so out of control there (although we did look online afterwards- that's how much we liked it). We first went to Icing on the Cake for some treats for Sunday- I got their take on the Hostess cupcake (which is SO SO much better)(although I was sad they were out of lemon) and then a peanut butter caramello. The restaurant is housed in this super adorable hotel. It reminds me of a villa along the southern coast of Europe.

We were one of the first reservations of the night, which we liked since it was before the dinner rush. The food was INCREDIBLE. Everything we had was amazing- the biggest surprise of the night was lamb meatballs. They were delicious- with the best sauce. We shared all of the items below, including some warm herbed pita bread and seasoned olives.

Appetizer Medley- lamb meatballs, spanakotiropita, bacon wrapped scallops, and dolmathes
Roasted Tomato Soup
Manuori Rollo- spinach filled pasta with cheese (to quote William: "I never knew that this much spinach could taste so good!)
Two Sides
- Butternut Squash Risotto
- Orzo pasta with burnt butter and Myzithra cheese
Baklava with Banana Gelato

It was such an amazing evening- William truly did a fantastic job planning it. This was the fountain outside of the restaurant after dinner.

I know that this part is really sappy but William makes me feel like it is Valentine's Day every day. He makes me laugh every single day- even when we aren't even in the same country. He always puts my wants and needs before his own, letting me decide most of the time where to eat and what activities we should do together. He works so hard to be such an amazing provider. He teaches me what unconditional love and service means. I am so happy that I get to be with him forever :-) I love you William!!

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Rach said...

Sounds like a dream! You guys are so great!