Friday, March 9, 2012


I love it that when Jane is hanging out in her bumbo, she puts her arm up to rest. She is really just too adorable! And since she is just so cute, I have included several even though it is still basically the same pose :-)


Petertammenson said...

So adorable!! And Bumbos are worth their weight in gold!

CS said...

she is ridiculously cute! and i love the bumbo, linds also used one with her boys all the time. :)

Riva said...

Ok, funny story. I bought one for the baby, but her legs were so chubby, she felt stuck in and screamed and screamed until I took her out. Then she gave it the most baleful glare, as if to say "How dare you, you bad bad seat". We had to sell it back to Other Mothers.