Monday, March 12, 2012

Nana and Grampy Time

Both Nana and especially Grampy are completely smitten with Jane. Sarah brought them to see her straightaway from the airport. My mom didn't even wait to take off her coat before holding her grandbaby.
In Grampy's eyes, she can do no wrong and he will do anything for her. I made sure that she wore her "princess" onesie so that he could have a special photo with his Elf Princess
He has talked about her so much to his patients that one named Shirley hand knit this BEAUTIFUL yellow blanket for her. She even put a heart pattern in it. So we of course had to model it-

They both loved taking her on a walk around the park
They also both loved holding her while she slept . . .
or tried to sleep in some cases
And each had their precious moments with her- Grandma's sweetheart
And Grampy with his Elf Princess
and he is especially proud of her round head :-)
Jane is sheer perfection in their eyes and cannot do wrong.

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Lianne Barr said...

Cheryl, your dad is almost smiling in those pictures!!! He must LOVE that girl! Who is darling, by the way.