Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Valentines from the Elf Princess!

Jane's Grampy now refers to her as the Elf Princess and here she is with special smiles.

Our Little Valentine on Valentine's Day

For Valentine's, William took us out to lunch on Saturday at BJ's for some mac n cheese, great white deep dish pizza, and red velvet pizzookie to beat the crowds. Jane fortunately was GREAT.

William bought me another beautiful orchid, some earrings and then got me my favorite Cold Stone cake batter with cookie dough.
We then had pizza and crazy bread for dinner so that we wouldn't have to wait and it was super delicious (we have a very high quality Little Caesars right by us). This was fine because we went out to a fancy special dinner at the end of January for San Francisco restaurant week to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I have been wanting to try this place forever as I have heard rave reviews from so many (particularly Maren). We got a 3 course meal for $35 each and while the salad, side, and dessert were good, the steak was the true winner. I now understand why people crave steak because this was unbelievable. Mine was the PERFECT amount of doneness- I like mine medium well with hardly any pink and getting it butterflied achieved this while leaving the meat still juicy and tender. They place butter on top of it along with salt and pepper and you realize that steak sauce is only used to cover up sub par meat. For days following this meal, both William and I raved about how good these steaks are and that if we ever go back, we will splurge on the bigger steaks only (or just go to another restaurant week!) Many thanks to my sister Sarah for babysitting for us.

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Brooke said...

No explanation needed on Little Caesar's - there is one less than 500 feet from our house - and we frequent it a little bit too much.

And your little one looks adorable in every picture! What a little jewel!