Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Baby Jane had an eventful first St. Patrick's Day. Her Nana Stults sent her a special dress to wear just for the occasion- love the bows!
We then went to a matinee of "Shine", the Stake Play put on by the young men and young women (who are super talented) and Jane was incredible during it! It went a full two hours and she only slept for a few minutes- the rest of the time, she was content to watch the performance in the Snugli (as long as I was standing).

We later went to my friend Mary's annual St. Patrick's Day party where we indulged in green food, including these AMAZING sugar cookies (Mary was kind enough to send me the recipe) as I have been on a search for the perfect one. Jane was kind of all partied out and literally fell asleep in my arms sitting up :-)
And finally, a festive family photo (not quite sure what she is looking at :-)


Alecia said...

She's darling!

Brooke said...

She is so cute! That adorable little face - I just want to kiss her!