Thursday, May 17, 2012


At our RS activity day this month, which was fabulous btw (we made homemade sugar scrubs), a sister in the ward shared her insights on having balance in our life and it has made me think about the balancing act that is currently going on in my life. I feel so bad that the blog has been neglected but that has been one of the items that I have had to "let go" to keep everything else. Jane has been only going to babysitters for 3 days a week meaning that I have nearly half of my hours that I need to do sometime during the rest of the week. I have been able to do it but it just means that I work during her nap times and in the evenings when she goes to bed (she has a late bed time of 10:30ish- any earlier and she wakes up in the middle of the night for several hours to play) so it doesn't leave much free time for blogging. But, it is an exchange that I am making now so that I can put the main priorities in my life- William, Jane, work, being RS secretary- first. So just know that if you don't hear from me it is because things are busy and I'm trying to find the right balance of everything :-)

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Brooke said...

I totally understand - I'm always doing my part-time job during the girls naps and after bedtime. And I still want to enjoy blogging - rather than being stressed out about it. So - just do what you can - when you can. And whenever you post a pic - I love to see them.

By the way - I'm amazed at all the outings you take with Jane - I feel like I'm just now learning to be adventurous with packing up the diaper bag and timing the girs schedules. You are doing such a great job!