Sunday, May 6, 2012


Sorry for my lack of posting- Jane needs continual attention while she is awake and when she does sleep, I have to do work. But, don't worry- we have been up to LOTS of adventures as Jane is much much better when we are out and about rather than staying home. For example, today, we went to CuriOdyssey as a family and then later I took her to the San Jose Museum of Art so that she wouldn't be too bored :-) Apparently she is just how I was at her age so we make a good pair :-)

My friend Alecia mentioned taking her boys to CuriOdyssey and I had never been there so I thought that it would be a fun outing that William would enjoy as well, and he did, as evidenced by the following photo
We made it in time for the otter feedings, which wasn't as exciting as we had hoped- the otters in general are super active so there wasn't much difference.

Jane thought that the animals were okay, but she was mainly interested in the people- and chewing on the Snugli :-)

She did get up close and personal with one of the birds at the aviary.
The birds were the most friendly with us and each other- two golden eagles
and two owls
We also saw a roadrunner (I had never seen one before- props to William for finding it). Cartoons have done a decent job of recreating that motion.

We were able to catch the bob cats on their own because we couldn't really see them during the feeding later on.
In addition to the animals, they also had some indoor exhibits- Jane loved this one because of the change in lights and colors.
The center itself is perched along the bay and provided some stunning views
I love the bend in the trees from the wind- and even though it was a warm day, I was getting goosebumps from the wind off the water.

And for those living in the Bay area, let me know if you are up for going on an adventure and for other fun places to visit!


Shayla Taylor said...

Pick me! We are up for adventures!

Alecia said...

I love how you have tons of pictures of CuriOdyssey and I have almost none of the place itself. :) You're fab!