Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tummy Time Fun

Jane is to the point where she is starting to actually enjoy tummy time since she can push herself up. She didn't use to like it so we would do it when she was crying already- that way, at least she was getting more exercise than just her lungs.
She can also steamroll across the floor, but only in one direction- she hasn't figured out yet that she can roll the opposite direction when she encounters a barrier. She even rolled herself up into the blanket
She also loves to play on her tummy, particularly with this snail that lights up when she touches it.
She also enjoys checking her cute self out in the mirror :-)
And she just LOVES the camera- she pretty much has huge smiles whenever it comes out. We think it is because of the light that shines to check the flash.
Our days are numbered as she has got the legs figured out and can even push herself into the downward dog yoga pose and she can push herself a few inches but hasn't yet realized that she has to also move her arms as well. This is her in her "crawling" position
You can check out her progress in the video below.

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