Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Googleween 2012

This was the first year that we ended up going to the kid's version of Googleween and it was super fun, but we learned that you need to get there as soon as it starts to beat the crowds. At least we know for the future :-)

They even made the pumpkins "Googley"
 Jane was obviously super excited at the prospect of going trick-or-treating, though we actually spent our time doing the activities and not waiting in line for the treats

They even had a little pumpkin patch where Jane literally picked out the pumpkin she wanted :-) 
 But Jane's absolute FAVORITE part of the whole experience was the petting zoo. We spent at least 30 minutes in the pen as she petted an alpaca
 Chased after the ducks
 She has absolutely no fear with these animals like the goat, bunnies, turtle- one of the workers of the petting zoo said that kids her age were usually really frightened by the animals but obviously not Jane :-) She now goes up to dogs that we see in the park and wants to pet them as much as these ones and most are not as patient as these ones :-)
 We were also able to go on a tractor ride, which Jane liked as well (I love her tongue sticking out!)

They also had cannon blasters, face painting, and bead necklace making that we passed on this year. Thanks to Google for providing such a fun and memorable event!


Bekky said...

looks like a ton of fun! Even the name Googleween is fun!

uk essay writing services said...

Hahaha, Jane is so adorable.. and cute and such a delight to see her happy and excited.. she prolly doesnt know where you guys are headed but hope she remains the same.. :)