Monday, November 5, 2012

Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park

I now have Mondays off so on those days, I try and do a bigger excursion with Jane and so the Monday before Halloween we went to Uesugi Farms. I had been a couple of years ago with my sister Sarah and loved it so I was excited to take Jane and thankfully, she enjoyed it as well.

 Jane enjoyed Pumpkin Pete's Enchanted Hay Ride- and I absolutely love her shirt :-)

 The hayride took us through a beautiful field of sunflowers
 and thousands of marigolds.
The GIANT pumpkins
and Jane has a lot more growing to do before she catches up to this pumpkin
She is standing tall this fall though :-) 
And the Elf Princess became the Pumpkin Queen
 She liked dancing with Dora
 Attempting to push the wheelbarrow
Playing with the squash
Walking through the kiddie corn maze
And riding the train
This place definitely puts me in the Fall spirit


Dyan said...

Cheryl, I am glad you are back.It is nice to see pictures of Jane. What a sweetheart!

Brooke said...

What a fun place to go! That is a pumpking fairyland--the pumpking patches I've seen around here are literally that--a pumpking patch.

doctoral dissertation proposal said...

These pumpkins are huge! Glad to see that you had fun visiting the farm with your daughter. Jane’s pictures are adorable. She looks so excited to see all those pumpkins.