Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ohlone Village Day at Deer Hollow Farm

Since Jane's birth, I have been on the lookout for some more family activities that I haven't done yet and one was going to Deer Hollow Farm at Rancho San Antonio preserve. Once a year, they open up their Ohlone Village to the public and have demonstrations of what life was like for this group of Indians.

I absolutely loved it and found it fascinating- William like it but said that he learned nearly everything at Scout camp.

They showed us how to make a bow and arrow
An archery demonstration 
Had us sit in a replica sweat lodge where the men went to remove their smell before going hunting

They even had a replica redwood tree home which was really tiny- even smaller than our previous studio apartment :-) William and Jane nearly filled it completely
The most fascinating station for both of us was where they used ground acorns to make flour. What a laborious, time intensive process. They had to grind the particles several times so that they were small enough and then they had to soak them for several days so that they could at least be edible. It made me so thankful for our modern convenience of flour. 
We then went to Deer Hollow Farm which had your basic barn yard animals of cow, duck, and sheep 
The old barn
We then went back through one of the upper trails of Rancho San Antonio back to our car
I loved the sunlight streaming through the trees

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