Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brooke and Scott's Wedding

My dear friend Brooke and I have been friends since kindergarten when we were the youngest students in the play "Kenny's Window." Our love of performing continued as we clogged together from her mother and sister. In high school, we sat next to each other in Ms. Harrison's English class where Brooke would make music by banging her fist between the desk and the wall (it was actually pretty good). Then, we were together at BYU where we were ta's (well, technically she was a peer adviser) for Dr. Booth and then had New Testament with Bro. Millet. She and Mary-Kathryn even came out to visit me in Boston and I hope that the tour I gave them was even hotter than the weather! Brooke's mom lives just around the corner from my parents and so over holidays I have been able to get together with her. I tell you all of this to show that Brooke and I have had an amazingly fun history over the past 20+ years and that I am truly so thrilled to have her as a friend.

And I am just delighted that she found such a wonderful man to marry. Scott is SO nice- he just has the sweetest personality and has a great sense of humor (a must for Brooke). Naturally, there was no way that I was missing their wedding so I made a special trip out to Utah for it. And it was so beautiful

Here are Brooke and Scott coming out of the Salt Lake Temple as man and wife! She just looks so radiant
My favorite part was her niece's carrying her train- they were so excited to help out
The immediate families- it was so neat to see Brooke's family since I knew them all growing up, and now they have their own kids! They are super cute- And all of the wedding celebrations, I have gotten to know Scott's family better and know that it is due to amazing parents that he is so amazing today.
Me with the beautiful bride (sorry that I have some kind of weird face)
And then me with Mary-Kathryn, her maid of honor. Mary-Kathryn was my partner in helping to make sure that their car was tastefully decorated. In just a few short months, it will be Mary's turn to be the bride!
The reception was held in Brooke's mother's garden which was just STUNNING. They put in a fountain and pool just for the wedding
And it truly was a magical evening with these lights everywhere. The whole reception was just perfect for them!

I personally have a love of cakes (I have decorated a fair amount) and I like the chocolate drip effect
And then, the couple's dance. It was literally dancing with the stars- so beautiful. They had taken lessons once a week for a few months and they did amazing. Much much better than William and I. We had practiced waltzing except for one fatal flaw- not in my wedding dress. It is really hard to waltz in your wedding dress if you haven't practiced since it is so big. After the first few failed steps, William and I had to revert to basic dancing. I gave this tip to Brooke and I am happy to say that they didn't miss a beat!
So, now for my role in their wedding. Since I lived around the corner, Brooke and Scott asked if I could park their car at my house so that there would be less chance of his buddies decorating it. I agreed and drove it over to my place. Well, the only problem with that is that his buddies couldn't find it but Brooke's family did since they know where I live. The car though was only decorated on the outside with gummy bears, oreos, and even a aluminum foil flag. This was the first time I've ever seen the flag on a wedding car.
Anyways, the funny part of the story is that I had to DRIVE the car back to their house for them to make their getaway. I literally could not stop laughing the whole ride over because here I am- just one woman- in a car that obviously screams "Just Married" yet I don't have anyone in the car with me! And not only could they see me coming, but they could also hear me because they had placed empty soda cans on the back. I took a photo from the inside of the car because I just found it such a hilarious experience. William and I actually only had to walk from our wedding dinner to the hotel across the street and fortunately, no one decorated my sister's car so we missed out on that. But don't worry- I probably received even more embarrassment by driving by myself in a car like that.
It was such a beautiful, fun day celebrating the beginning of the joint life of an amazing couple. It was so wonderful to see family and long time friends at this event.

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