Sunday, June 8, 2008

San Francisco Zoo

Wednesday was FREE day at the San Francisco Zoo and so many of my friends and their babies decided to take a trip there. I am so glad that we left early and got there 15 minutes after the zoo opened because we had zero traffic and were able to park for FREE on the street. When we left, there were massive crowds and people waiting for 10 minutes while we loaded up the cars for our spots.

One of the most RANDOM things I've seen was on the street outside the zoo- a giant red chef dog on a lamppost.
The zoo had these "shhh- quiet" signs up all over the zoo. I have never been to an outdoor zoo where they have these signs.

This were some of my favorite animals- the giraffes! The thing I like about this zoo is that they have a lot of room for the animals in very nice, natural habitats.
My other favorite animals were the BEARS. You can't see this very well but these two bears are wrestling. They did this for about 20 minutes while we watched. It was so fun to see them playing in the water.
A striped animal (wasn't sure if it was a zebra or not)
The sleeping koala. I'm amazed at how he is just wedged perfectly in between the branches
Rhinos- but sadly, they were so far away that we couldn't see them very well

More the exciting than the rhinos were the two peacocks in the brush right by us. It really is so amazing to see them with their full tail feathers.
In 4th grade, I was obsessed with penguins. I wrote reports about them and was in heaven when we went to Sea World to see them. It was so fun to see them here are the zoo.

So this was the majority of animals that we saw; thus, I was SO happy that I didn't pay the $11 entrance fee because it wouldn't have been worth it. But what was worth it was the refillable beverage- it came in a cute giraffe souvenir cup that you could refill anywhere around the park.

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