Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower with Baby Bento Boxes

On Saturday I went to the baby shower of my old visiting teaching companion, Andrea. And it was such an adorable shower.

My favorite item was the "baby bento boxes" as they called them. They were a packed lunch wrapped up like a little package. One of the girls and her mom made these little napkins and a little pacifier on the end.
And just look at the fabulous lunch inside- a chicken salad sandwich croissant, little mini quiche, a salad with its own container of dressing, and a little chocolate cheesecake.
And they really just have the cutest gift bags these days
Here's the soon-to-be mom- she's going to be having a boy.
I have not been to many baby showers and it was obvious when it came to the game portion. They did a word unscramble with baby terms and I had the lowest score. I also misjudged the circumference of her belly by guessing with string (I was off by a lot for this one- but not the largest estimate), and then they did a final game, as partially evidenced above. It was the "guess what's in the diaper" test. They placed non-digested food items inside the diaper and you had to "smell" them and guess what it was. I was actually slightly disturbed by this game- just one of those visceral reactions to the idea of putting your nose in a diaper even if the stuff was "clean".

Overall, it was quite a fun shower and I was so impressed by the girls that put it on for Andrea- such a great job! I told them that I think they need to submit their baby bento box idea to the Martha Stewart show- its that adorable.


Natalie said...

Cheryl - so good to see you here too! I heard from Amber that you are living in CA - is that right? Do you guys like it out there? Do you miss the East coast and Boston? This is a great time of year for Boston but you probably don't miss the winters :) What a cute idea for a baby shower! Oh, the fun ideas you can learn from blogs. I'll be looking for more of your posts. Tell Lianne hi from me too if you are in touch with her.

Petertammenson said...

Seriously - the baby bento box idea is brilliant! Hey, I'm down with you on the diaper smelling thing - not even enjoyable when you're a mom - although I can always tell when Laurel's had carrots or sweet potatoes - that is one sweet diaper - whereas the ones that are primarily dairy stink. TMI, huh? Sorry!

Brekke said...

I'm with you on the diaper game. It's more than a little gross if you have an over active imagination. The one they do here is melted candy bars. They smell fine, but look disgusting.