Sunday, September 7, 2008

Festival Saturday

Last year, William and I went for the first time to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival and so we definitely needed to go there again this year. We learned several lessons from last year- the first is that 30 tastes (2 full cards) is way too much for both of us and secondly, its better to go earlier in the day. So we only bought one 15 taste card and came at around 1 pm and it was a smart choice. 

Well, somehow we finally made it there with these traffic signs. 
Pretty amazing that we were able to figure this out and made it there. 

One of the weakest aspects of the festival was that there was way too much toffee- for a place that had about 30 different chocolate vendors, about 6 of them were offering toffee. So we decided not to "waste" our tastes on small pieces of toffee, but go for the good stuff- the ice cream. 

We shared 3 chocolate milkshakes- they had these cute little straws

I had 3 little Ghiradelli Chocolate mini sundaes and William had 2 which is still one of our all-time favorites. But, our personal favorite was the White Chocolate Gelatto- it was so good. William and I shared 3 of them and I wanted another one and even waited in the line, but when I got to the front, they had run out :-( So at least I enjoyed several- and we were super glad that we came early. And the lines were much shorter than last year coming earlier. Our other tastes involved a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, a caramel, a peanut butter chocolate pizza (which was so rich- we can't even imagine eating an 8 in. one). The upstairs booths were definitely better than the ones on the floor. And they had this jammin electic violin player- he was really getting into it. 
After all that chocolate deliciousness, we definitely needed some salt. So we both had the idea of going to Rainforest Cafe to get our favorite Crab Dip. However, after we had been seated, we found out that they have REMOVED the crab dip from the menu :-( We were so devastastated and the spinach and article dip was ok- but not nearly as stellar. So sad that we have lost yet another one of our most favorite dishes. We might return again for the Volcano dessert but won't make it too much of a habit. We think it is so sad that as soon as we find something truly delicious, they always take it off the menu (the steak and cheese pizza is still the ultimate tragedy). 

We then headed back to Mountain View where we caught some of the last hour of the Art and Wine Festival. I have never been to such a large art festival- it completely filled up Castro Street for about 7 blocks, with 2 sides of booths. We didn't manage to make it through all the booths before they closed- but it was probably better since we really do not have any more room in our new apartment. All in all, it was full day of festivals :-) 

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