Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Utah Reunions

If traveling to Boston and reuniting with colleagues and old friends wasn't enough, only two weeks later, I headed back to Utah for a few more reunions- particularly, my 10 year high school reunion. Dadahdan. Yikes- I still can't believe that I've been graduated for 10 years- and I still don't have my PhD YET (and I stress the yet- its on the way).

But before the reunion, I met up with several of my old roomies from BYU who I have known for 10 years now. We were luckily all in Utah at the same time (we did miss some of you- aka Lianne, Melanie, Amanda- to name a few) and we had a great time looking through Sarah's scrapbook of our freshman year. We all lived in Deseret Towers, which is sadly no more, U Hall, the 2nd floor. The U-2 floor- named after my favorite band, and I didn't even have to pay extra money to live there :-) And obviously we are still on the same wavelength as we all wore shades of red/pink without coordinating with each other.
We went to Chili's and had some lunch- and the white chocolate molten cake- while talking and laughing up a storm. Sarah is getting her PhD in history at University of Toronto and Leslie is pregnant and going to have a baby girl! I am so thrilled and proud of both of them. It truly was so great to get together in that while some times has past, we are still great friends.

I was also able to have a little reunion with my family- minus my sister Cynth who was there in spirit- as we went out to dinner to celebrate my mom's and my birthday a few days earlier. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in SLC and were happy that we only had to wait 10 mintues on a Thursday night! We were pretty impressed it was such a short wait- probably because the Olympics were still on. We shared the appetizer sampler and my dad and I shared the strawberry shortcake (it is HUGE- yet, somehow my dad was able to eat a whole one before), and Mom and Sarah each got a cheesecake. It was nice to be able to spend time with my sister before she went down in San Diego to start grad school.

But, the main purpose of the trip was my 10 year high school reunion. William was willing to go, but I wanted to be able to say things that would impress my friends about my husband and I could only do that if he wasn't there correcting me :-) On Friday night, a small group of us- about 40-50 had dinner at Rodizio Grill. It was great because I was able to catch up and talk in depth with several people that I had not seen since high school (If any high school friends want the 411 on specific people- let me know).

Then, on Saturday was a big get together at Sugar House Park- and here's the sign welcoming us (sadly, I couldn't get the '98 part into the frame).
I was glad that I had gone the night before because I was able to chat with even more people this time in that there were hundreds of people there. It was crazy to learn that 3 different people from my high school already have 4 children. Well, I guess at least I am married now so that's a start. I did bring photos of William to the events so that people would believe that I was really married. I truly am SO HAPPY that I went- it was definitely worth it. I didn't realize just how many people I had formed relationships with and had funny memories/classes with and that I hadn't kept in touch with. It was great to see how much people had changed- or had not at all- (I hope that I at least look a little different now that I actually do my makeup and hair).

I was at the reunion for nearly 4 hours and then I went with my buddy from elementary school- Aaron- his adorable wife Lisa, and their cute baby boy to Iceberg for some Grasshopper ice cream therapy. They actually have an adorable condo right across the street- which would be very dangerous for me because I would probably stop there every day- and so we spent a few hours chatting at the kitchen table, catching up about friends, jobs, and life. It just made me feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to associated with such an amazing number of QUALITY individuals in high school. Friends who were "cool nerds" like I was- meaning we were smart, but we also loved to laugh, go to dinner, and hang out- but not get into major trouble. I truly loved high school so much and am so blessed to still be in touch with such amazing friends- and now our circle has expanded with their great spouses. I am definitely planning on being at the next major reunion and I hope that all fellow 1998 Colts will be able to join me


Melanie said...

hey! i missed being there... boy, when will we ever all get together again? hopefully before the next life... you look so cute together! (cute, but incomplete, of course! ;) )

Brekke said...

I am bummed I missed it. If only they could have moved it back a couple weeks. Oh, well. You'll have to tell me all about it. I would have loved to see people.