Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday at Golden Gate Park

Our Saturday plans were slightly a fiasco, due to incredible amounts of crowds. I had found out that the California Academy of Sciences was reopening after major renovations and that they were having free admission all day- from 9:30 to 10:30. We left fairly early, about 8:45 and it is generally supposed to take 45 minutes to get there. However, everyone else had the exact same idea and jammed the road so it took us nearly 2 hours to get there. We luckily found parking without any trouble, but upon arrival at the CAS, it was too late. The line wrapped all around a good portion of the park. They had actually ended other people getting in line. However, to go inside the museum, you had to wait ALL DAY in the line until your turn. What a HORRIBLE system is that! They should have at least given out time cards to return or something because that is just mean have people wait there all day. I mean, I know that the entry fee is pretty steep ($25 a person), but its not worth that to me to stand in a line ALL DAY. They had some booths where we were able to have some free water and performers, including some acrobats (but we only saw one trick).
The amount of people in this small area was INCREDIBLE. We think that there must have been several hundred thousand people at the park. We tried to get into the Chihuly exhibit, since William hadn't been yet, but the next time was for 5 pm, nearly 6 hours away. Not only was it the closing weekend of the exhibit, but also the people who didn't get into the CAS were invading the De Young.

Since it was way too crowded everywhere, we decided to go to the Japanese Tea Garden. It was my first time being there but William had been there before, but again, was kind enough to go again.

Isn't this so picturesque
Just don't get too close to the Pagoda- it was really rundown when you approached it. It was quite sad because you would think that they would take care of it, especially when they charge you an entrance fee. But, it does look good from a distance
I loved this brick bridge over the water.
Check out the reflection- so green
William explained that these are special designs that mimic natural landscapes- such that the rocks are water and the green grass are islands. This bridge was so cute- yet super steep.
Here's William going up it- pretty much straight up.
The park was such a peaceful oasis escape from the massive crowds throughout the rest of the park.
We then headed over to the Botanical Gardens where they have groupings of plants from countries/places around the world.

Just look at how "picturesque" our great state of California is-
Yup, all of the dead and dying grass and bushes. Don't you think that we see this everyday- why does it need to be "preserved" in a botanical garden?

And the birds were out in full force- lots of geese. I missed the little girl running and trying to scare them, in exchange for scaring herself.
And this bird sunning himself among the lillypads.
And who knew that the park was also a center for yoga
I also saw a few areas that I had not seen before. I had no idea that there was a lake/river where you could rent a paddle boat or row boat. (And no, we didn't do it)
And also this waterfall, and sadly, you can't really see the Celtic cross that is hidden behind the trees (but it is there). And you can also hike up to it.
Despite the fiasco of not going to either the CAS or Chihuly, and after struggling in nightmare stop and go traffic, we managed to salvage our time in Golden Gate Park, mainly because of the BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT weather. Not too hot, not to cold- just gorgeous sunshine. Yeah, it is definitely nice to live here in CA.

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