Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Update: Some Planned, Some Unplanned

Our weekend started a little early on Thursday night- we went up to SF to go and see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA. I had checked online earlier in the day and they still had tickets, and so to avoid the $3 a piece surcharge, we thought we could just buy them there. So, unfortunately, when we arrived, they were already sold out for the night :-( I was mega bummed because I was looking forward to going to it. But, we bought some tickets for this upcoming Thursday. Thus, the rest of the night we were able to do what William wanted- we went to the Sony store at the Metreon and he enjoyed playing some of the new video games. We then went to the Virgin Megastore and looked at CD's, DVD's, and even some more video games. We tried playing Guitar Hero and William actually did extremely well- he was able to medium level several times. I'm basically a guitar loser in that despite several attempts on EASY, I still got booed off stage and never finished a song. Needless to say, I was happy to move onto the books. And fortunately, I restrained myself and didn't buy anything (despite a serious desire to get yet another Van Gogh book but I didn't since I already have several).

Since I wasn't able to do quite what I wanted that night, William was sweet enough to let me do
what I wanted to do so we went to Comedy Sportz San Jose. It will probably come to the shock of many that despite living in Provo for 4 years, I never made it to one of the shows there (I know- just one of the "rebellious" things I did like not taking Social Dance nor getting my "MRS" degree there). I found out that they have one here and just like the Provo one, they proclaim to be family friendly and avoid inappropriate topics. They just save them for their Midnight show (which we skipped even though we could have seen it for free going to the earlier one). We found a $2 off coupon on the Internet and also had validated parking at the garage next to it, so it wasn't too pricey. It turned out that we were there on their 21st anniversary of when they started the show in San Jose. Since it was a special show- as evidenced by the balloons- they also gave us "free beers"- ROOTBEER that is. We were lucky enough to get one. Also, they made the show special by having the former players from 21 years ago come back and play with the "newbies". The former players called themselves the "Disabled List". They started off fairly strong with humor, however, their lack of playing for so many years had them fall flat by the end. But, since the owner was one of them, they happened to just get enough points to win by 1. We had a great time- the newbies were hilarious! They could even turn their scenes into fairly decent poetry (well, wouldn't win any prizes). So now I understand what all the hype in Provo was about :-) And I will never give them anything from my purse to use in a skit because they completely used up this lady's dental floss and someone else's hand cream.

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