Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009 Sandcastle Classic

We went to the Sandcastle Classic that was out at Ocean Beach near the Cliff House. This was the main draw that brought us up to the city. This is an annual event to help raise money for charity and volunteers spend about 4 hours making these creations. Here is an overhead

and side view showing the vast number of sand castles.

Unfortunately, what the photos do not show is the castles- and the spectators- being sand blasted. It was horrible. We found sand everywhere when we got home. It was literally pelting our faces- we only did one quick run thorough of all the castles. I didn't take very many photos of the castles because I didn't want sand to get into our camera. Most of the castles were based on fairy tales, cartoons, or books. Like the hungry catepillar

where the wild things are (you sadly can't really tell that its the monster)

and supposedly this was Sponge Bob's under the sea castle, but we've never seen the show so we weren't sure.

We had such admiration for the people who battled the wind to create these castles. It was incredible to me that the castles were still standing despite the wind since our footprints would disappear right after we made them.

William was so great and didn't complain at all- he really is the best husband since sometimes our adventures don't always turn out quite as idyllic as I wanted.

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Brekke said...

How cool! I've seen those events on t.v. They look like a lot of fun to watch!