Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Golfland Milpitas

On our way home from the corn maze, we saw Golfland off the freeway in Milpitas and decided to play two rounds. This is one of the largest mini-gold places that we've been to- they have three different 18 hole courses. We played Course 1 which was all decked out in Halloween decorations with giant spiders in the bushes and ghosts on the towers (unfortunately you can't see it very well below)

I kept it neck and neck with William on the first few holes but then I fell apart and he won by a huge margin.

But, I redeemed myself in round two. We were neck and neck the whole game and William only won by 2. Course 3 had some very interesting holes

But our favorite was the mini-Disneyland-esque castle

The things we did not like about the course was that there were a lot of raised metal around the holes so our shots would ricochet off and there were too many raised volcano-ish holes that were tough to get just the right of momentum to make the shot.

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Rach said...

Oooohh! I love mini golf! We will have to try this place sometime.
And the sunset pictures at the corn maze were beautiful! So romantic to get lost together!