Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lemos Pumpkin Farm

For Mothers Group, we went to the Lemos Pumpkin Farm near Half Moon Bay a few weeks ago.

This is one of the most adorable farms due to all of the decorations, rides, and animals. The decor is beyond adorable with bright colors, scarecrows, and signs.

I so loved the pumpkins- they had the most unique colors and designs. Ones with stripes, speckles

and then the traditional orange ones.

I almost bought several but decided against it because we don't really have anyplace to put them inside our little apartments and I didn't want any critters coming to our place to eat them outside.

They had animals- chickens, goats, and pony rides. Tyler liked the chickens

and Cameron loved getting face to face with the goats.

And the kids liked watching the pony rides (only Miles was adventurous enough to ride one)

and a train ride that took us back into a decorated scene of haunted ghost town

But what could be cuter than two adorable kids with pumpkins (and ones that look like acorns)

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Rach said...

WOW! So adorable! Thanks so much for taking all those pictures. They are amazing! We had so much fun going with you...thanks for bringing us along (whiny kids and all).
Tyler and Cameron LOVE you! They really do...and Ty loves William too! As soon as he got into nursery on Sunday I saw him run right up to William and say "Hi!"