Monday, October 19, 2009

G&M Farm Corn Maze

On Saturday, William and I went to a corn maze at the G&M Farm in Livermore about 45 minutes away. It has awhile since either of us had been to a corn maze and so I thought that it would be a fun activity. The maze covers 6 miles and it was shaped in like a memorial of a local Livermore farmer who passed away last year. While we were not able to see what it looked like (even the raised wooden platform was not high enough to provide an overhead view), we were able to tell when we were in numbers and letters. The ground in the maze had a weird texture- it was not muddy but kind of spongy with a consistency like play dough. The maze was divided into two parts- we decided to use the map for the first side which we flew through and then went on our own instincts, primarily following the left hand rule. But, it was pretty hard to get lost since they had these signs distributed throughout the maze where you could text if you were lost. Ah the age of technology. And fortunately we were not "cornvicted", although security asked us not to stop on the overlook bridge (isn't that what the purpose of the bridge is for ???)

The corn was very tall- even over 6'3 William (I love his look of pondering our next move in the maze)

We started the maze at the perfect time- it was daylight when we began and it turned into a stunning sunset with vivid pinks, purples

then to deeper pinks

to black

We had thought that it would be fun to complete the maze in the dark and it was ok, but our favorite part was definitely wandering through the maze during the sunset.

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