Tuesday, October 13, 2009


No, its not our nephew. Its actually WILLIAM. Let me explain- we have this cute little 3 year old, Kevin, who lives next door. Kevin likes to come over and play at our apartment- he usually tries to daily. He loves to play with used AA batteries, the plastic hose of our old vacuum, the big box from our new vacuum, and our flashlight. It is amazing that the books and other real toys that we have do not capture his attention. Anyways, Kevin knows that my name is Cheryl. However, despite his mom and my efforts to convince him that William's name is "William," he calls him "Charlie" since it is close to a male version of "Cheryl." :-) Every day he asks "Where's Charlie?" and he even says "There's Charlie" in the photos of William around our house. I think that it is cute that William now has this unique nickname :-)

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