Monday, July 21, 2008

Charles aka "Chuckie"

besides the family reunion, we were able to see our first nephew, on both sides- CHARLES Christopher Kunz. Even before he was born, William has been calling him "Chuckie." William told Chris, his brother and Chuckie's father, that he would stop calling him Chuckie if Chris would stop calling William "Bill". Well, Chris was still calling William "Bill" even when we said goodbye so he is still "Chuckie."

And of course we gave him the perfect gift- with a Chuck E. Cheese gift card. We also gave him a special onesie since his uncle works for Google that says "Googoo". Chris took one look at it and said "thanks" because he didn't really read it but then was laughing when he really read it.
But, come on- we want the good stuff- the real Chuckie. And here he is- and like I said earlier, he is in the running to be America's next top model as evidenced here on grandpa's lap
This is his this thinker/"pensive" pose.
We love you little Charles and because we love you, we'll call you Chuckie to officially welcome you as part of the Kunz family!

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