Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kunz Family Reunion

Saturday was all day family fun at the Kunz Family Reunion. We first went to the Farmer's Market in downtown SLC across the way from the hotel. It was so awesome to see such a crowd supporting both Utah farmers and artisans.
Things have gotten to be so upscale and "green" that they have a bike valet- here is the area for it.
As we were walking around, we passed by Tony Caputo's stand where I saw my dear friend Vanessa who was visiting her boyfriend Andy who works there. She was literally "sweet" enough to take us over to the actual Tony Caputo's where she gave us the tour tasting of the chocolate items. Here is the official CHOCOLATE FILE. Vanessa is an amazing food goddess and she was able to explain to us the differences between all of these different chocolates. True good chocolates have their own distinct tastes and flavors to them, just according to the type of bean and where they are grown.
Some of our favorites were the madascar chocolate that has a fruity after taste. We also loved the white chocolate, and a fine milk chocolate. As well as a BACON chocolate. Yes, chocolate with bacon in it. It has one of the most unique tastes- the salty with the sweet. But, our FAVORITE chocolates are those handmade by Chocolatier Blue. He uses the freshest ingredients, many organic, to create these AMAZING chocolates. They have a rhubarb one, pistacio, and my favorite- PASSION FRUIT. He imports the passion fruits from New Zealand to have this out-of-this-world flavor. And Vanessa told us that he is moving to Berkley CA! WOOHOO!

I then ran into a few other friends who I knew when I lived at the Elms- Cris and Carrie. It is so funny that I ran into them at Caputos- it truly is such a small world.

We then had lunch with the Kunzes with more talking and fun. Some people went swimming, William and I decided just to talk with everyone.

We then went out to our uncle's mom's house for a bbq. Out on the patio waiting for the grub.
Some of the grandkids playing on the grass.
And of course, William is the instigator of the "fun." He took an empty water bottle, blew it full of air, and then twisted the bottom, and slightly twisted off the cap to have the cap fly off onto the roof. After EVERYONE saw this, all of the grandkids spent the rest of the evening making "bottle rockets" as William called them. Sorry for those that were stuck on the roof! Here's Aunt Bekky with little nephew Charles- aka Chuckie according to William. We're not sure what he is looking at, but he is definitely going to be "America's Next Top Model" because he would start crying, yet, when we pulled out the camera and started taking photos, he stopped and was ok. Grandpa and I were most excited about the ICE CREAM with yummy toppings- my favorite is the caramel.

Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Jordan Commons to see "Get Smart". It is crazy that when you buy your ticket, you also have to claim your seat. I mean, in ways it good and bad. We were lucky that there was still a big block of seats still together for us to sit. They were up in the corner though, but not too bad. The movie was actually really funny- and I hadn't seen very many of the original episodes but I still enjoyed it.

We are so BLESSED that we are part of such an amazing family and that we get to see everyone at least once a year. We love all of you!

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