Monday, July 21, 2008

Visit to the Center of the Earth and a Dark Morning

On Friday night, instead of battling crowds for Dark Knight and Mama Mia, we decided to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 3D. We got these 3-D glasses that we got to keep- and on the side, they say "Not Sunglasses- No UV Protection." So these are one time use only. It was definitely worth it to see it in 3D- it made the film much better than it was. Thus, we recommend ONLY seeing it in 3D. William thought that the film would be "campy" (his exact words) without the 3D. We both think that this is definitely the next direction for films to go.

On Saturday morning, we saw Dark Knight at our favorite $6 showing. I had thought it wasn't going to be very crowded since it was in the morning, but of course, it was since it is the biggest opening weekend yet. And it was very good- fairly long (2 1/2 hrs)- but extremely suspenseful. It was definitely "dark". William and I read an article evaluating the different "Batman's" over the years. They gave Michael Keaton a perfect 10 and Christian Bale a 9 since they hadn't seen the 2nd film yet. I would have to give both Michael Keaton and Christian Bale a 10. Val Kilmer was ok- probably like a 6, Adam West is about a 4, and as much as I like George Clooney, he is NOT a Batman so I definitely give him like a 1. He is just too jovial to be like Batman.

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