Thursday, July 17, 2008

Visit with the Family

Last week, William even took a day off work and we headed off to Utah to visit with both our families, but primarily the Kunz family especially since we haven't seen his parents for awhile since they live in Siberia. They brought back some special items for us to try. William looks pretty authentic- except for its strawberry lemonade :-)
These are perfect for a warm, Utah summer.
On Friday, we spent the day with William's parents and they took us over to a retirement community they were looking at in Springvalle. It was interesting for us because the larger, 2 story house was actually the least expensive. Only in a retirement community. Next, it was off to Ikea where we went and had such a fun time looking around. And got an ice cream cone for dessert :-)

Next, it was off to the Marriott Residence Inn in downtown SLC where we met up with the rest of the Kunz family. And the key to a Kunz family reunion is FOOD and FUN. I fed William grapes- well, more than he bargained for.
That night we stayed at my parents where they welcomed us with a Cookie Dough Delirium cake from Cold Stone. Well, actually my sister Sarah received it as a graduation gift and was kind enough to share with us
YUMMMYY- look just at all that ice cream deliciousness.
We then spent the rest of the evening playing an ever entertaining game of Scattergories. My mom even played with us because of William's creative answers. It makes me so happy that William has become an integral part of our family and that I am becoming part of the Kunz one :-)

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